1 Remigius of Rheims for a deeper connection between the truth of the incarnation and of all that is human

2 SEVENTEENTH SUNDAYAFTER PENTECOST: that we might be forgiven those things of which our conscience is afraid

3 Theresa of Lisieux the terminally ill and those near death

4 Francis of Assisi Society of St. Francis: 1st,2nd, & 3rd Orders

5 the gift of simplicity

6 Bruno Carthusian Charterhouses and an increase in the contemplative life

7 Holy Rosary of the BVM St. Mary’s Ward – St. Mary the Virgin, NYC

8. St. Michael’s Ward – Ascension, Chicago

9. THE EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOSTthat we may be given to good works : which proceed from God’s grace

10 Paulinus of York Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

11 Philip the Evangelist 3rd Anglican, Roman Catholic International Commission

12 Wilfrid of York Anglican Colleges and Universities

13 Edward the Confessor Westminster Abbey’s ministry of hospitality

14 Samuel Isaac Schereschewsky the gift of patience

15 Teresa of Avila St. Paul’s Ward, St. Paul’s, Washington, DC

16 THE NINETEENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST that we may persevere with : steadfast faith in the confession of our Lord

17 Ignatius of Antioch the Society of St. John the Evangelist

18. ST. LUKE, EVANGELIST International Order of St. Luke the Physician

19 Henry Martyn Mar Awa III, CatholicosPatriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East

20 for the deepening of Jewish – Christian dialogue

21 the Bible Reading Fellowship

22 BVM an increase in women’s vocations to the religious life

23 THE TWENTIETH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST that God may increase in us the : gifts of faith, hope, and charity

24 ST. JAMES OF JERUSALEM that the Church may give itself continuously to prayer and reconciliation and enable the work of the Armenian, Greek and Latin Custodians of the Church in Jerusalem

25. people suffering from war, disease, and famine

26 Alfred the Great for steadfastness in the Faith

27 the Church in Ethiopia and the annual pilgrimage to Lalibela

28 SS. SIMON & JUDE, APOSTLES courage to proclaim the Gospel whatever the obstacles

29 James Hannington, Bishop peace in the Church around the Great Lakes, especially in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

30 THE TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST: the Church that it may offer true and laudable : service

31 all Bishops, especially _____ my own