1 Joseph of Arimathea the work of the Society of Joseph of Arimathea & its burial of children left in hospitals
2 The Society of Catholic Priests
3 Nicodemus proper and reverent burial of the dead
4 Jean-Baptiste Vianney St. Joan of Arc Ward, St. George’s, New Orleans, LA
5 Oswald of Northumbria Order of the Ascension
6 TRANSFIGURATION That we may be delivered from the disquietude of this world and behold the King in his beauty & the Community of the Transfiguration
7 NINTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST that we might be enabled to live according to God’s will
8 Dominic, Friar for a strengthening of the ministry of preaching & for the Order of Preachers.
9 Society of St. Margaret
10 Laurence of Rome, Deacon & Martyr Reconciliation in Afghanistan among all parties, tribal, religious, and ethnic
11 Clare of Assisi Community of St. Francis
12 Hippolytus of Rome Annunciation Ward – Annunciation Church, Philadelphia, PA
13 Jeremy Taylor, Bishop my parish priest
14 TENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST that we might follow daily in the blessed steps of our Lord’s most holy life
15 ST MARY THE VIRGIN ASSUMPTION OF THE BVM hat we may share in the glory of the Mother of God and have the grace to follow in the blessed steps of our Lord’s most holy life
16 Stephen of Hungary creative leadership in
the Churches of Eastern Europe
17 The Yale Converts” a lively and informed witness to the Catholic and Reformed Faith
18 William Porcher DuBose the School of Theology – Sewanee
19 St. Luke’s Ward – St. Luke’s, Fort Myers, FL
20 Bernard of Clairvaux all Cistercian Houses and their continued
witness to the power of poverty
21 ELEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST that we might be gathered in unity by the Holy Spirit
22 Queenship of the BVM the Philippine Independent Church and the Episcopal Church of the Philippines
23 Rose of Lima
& Martin de Porres
the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing
24 ST. BARTHOLOMEW APOSTLE grace to truly believe and preach the Word of God the Mar Thoma Church of India
25 Louis of France Francophone ministries in the Anglican Communion
26 Community of the Holy Spirit
27 Thomas Gallaudet & Henry Winter Syle Gallaudet University and the Church’s ministry to the hearing impaired
28 TWELFTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST that God might increase in us true
29 Beheading of St. John Community of St. John the Baptist
30 Charles Chapman Grafton the Superior General
31 Aidan of Lindisfarne time and places to go apart and wait on God